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The main activities of our company are auditing and consulting. The mandatory audit conducted in accordance with national standards of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus and IFRS. Four full-time employees have diplomas in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

A voluntary audit in accordance with national standards of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus and IFRS, is done on various subjects and at a pre-agreed list of issues.

We provide various consulting services:

  • advising on tax and accounting, contractual relationships, pricing, foreign trade, currency regulation, wages, etc.;
  • development of schemes that contribute to cost optimization of the enterprise;
  • financial and legal consultation on business organization in the Republic of Belarus;
  • consultation on institutional, legal and financial questions on the temporary implementation of the business in order to extract incomes on the territory of Republic of Belarus by holding concert and entertainment events, fairs, construction and installation works (construction site), information services, consulting, advertising, etc.;
  •  consultation on the organization of foreign legal entities on the territory of the of the Republic of Belarus;
  • advising on optimal use of  various types of transactions in business activity;
  •  and so one.

The proposed forms of consultations:

  1. Single consultations in oral form (in the office of the Executive or visiting the customer's office), in writing form, or you may call us: +375 17 275-09-64, + 375 17 275-09-66, +375 29-389-18-11 (payment is made upon the receipt);
  2. Subscription service (includes a fixed amount of payment for the received consulting services);
  3. Single thematic consultations, on the customer’s request, for which each time consists the separate agreement (advance and final payments are made in a similar way).

We deal with the development of accounting policy, provisions of wages, staffing, development of provisions on pricing and discounts on pricing and tariffs, as well as the development of other internal local acts.


Closed Joint Stock Company “MasterAudit and Consultations”
220070, Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Partyzansky av., 45 - 2H.

E-mail info@master-audit.by, 3891811@rambler.ru



+375 17 2750961, 2750962, 2750963, 2750964, 2750966
+375 29 3891811, 3898849 (mobile)